Pioneer Valley Witness: See it / Film It / Change It

Now perhaps more than ever,  an activist with a modern smart phone can quickly learn the skills of an eWitness;  a  videographer can bear witness to injustice in all its manifestations.

In this skill share, we’ll aim to improve our abilities using video and technology to protect and defend human rights and to create human rights change in a safe, respectful and paradigm changing way.

Topics include

  • Introduction to the video advocacy resources available thru &, their mission, resources and collaboration possibilities and considering incubate Pioneer Valley: Witness, some kind of local resource and organization for eWitnesses.
  • Video Production Basics, Intro To CameraV and Video making
  • How to conduct Interviews, character Portraits and B-Roll and creating a Shot List
  • Video as Evidence and Filming Immigration and Customs Officials (ICE), Film Safely and Obtaining Informed Consent, Storytelling with Video
  • Filming Protests and Police Misconduct and Livestreaming, Conducting Hostile Interviews, Video for Advocacy
  • Essentials of Archiving Video & Video4Change Network and wrap up with what next?

Resources selected are guided by the needs of important current issues in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts such as the situation with Immigration and Customs Officials (ICE), filming hate and documenting the important work of movements for peace and justice.

This training and resource library is guided by and derived primarily from   This skill share also looks at how we can participate in a growing network of activists; eWitnesses using technology to help change the world.

This course is also available online at