WITNESS’ Video For Change

Book:  A Guide for Advocacy and Activism

Edited by Sam Gregory, Gillian Caldwell, Ronit Avni and Thomas Harding. Appendices including Video Action Plan, Footage Description Forms, Sample Consents and Releases, Pre-production and Production Checklists, Script Formats and Costing-out Distribution Strategies:

Foreword and Introduction

Contents and Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 – Using Video for Advocacy

Chapter 2 – Safety and Security

Chapter 3 – Storytelling for Advocacy: Conceptualization and Preproduction

Chapter 4 – Video Production: Filming a Story

Chapter 5 – Editing for Advocacy

Chapter 6 – Video as Evidence 

Chapter 7 – Strategic Distribution: Reaching Key Audiences in Innovative Ways




The Complete Curriculum

Chapter 1

Setting Ground Rules and Feedback Sessions

Chapter 2

Audience Assessment

Create a SMART Advocacy Objective

Develop An Advocacy Plan and Case Studies

Finalize and Share Your Video Advocacy Plan

Introduction to Video Advocacy

Chapter 3

Advanced Camera Workshop

Broll Workshop

Character Potrait Exercise

Interview Workshop

Intro to the Camera

Lighting and Sound Scenario Workshop

Shot List Exercise Review

The Production Process

Videomaking Workshop

Chapter 4

Analyzing a Rough Cut

Documentation-File-Based, Cataloging and Reuse, Exports Derivatives

Editing Workshop

Essentials of Video Budgeting

Paths to the Edit

Pre-Post-Production Review

Chapter 5

Intro to Narration-Practice Storytelling

Intro to Storytelling

Making Storytelling Decisions

Prepare Outline and Synopsis

Presentation and POV

Chapter 6

Apply Learning to Your VAP-Distribution

Refining a Distribution Strategy

Chapter 7

Concealing Identity

Develop Your Safety and Security Plan

Exercise-Conducting Hostile Interviews

Exercise-Informed Consent

Intro to filming safely and informed consent