In 1984 I started my professional software engineering career as a Unix systems programmer using the C programming language.  In 1974, my high school offered an introduction to programming languages course and from then on, I knew that computers and programing was my future.

What was called a software engineer in ’84 is pretty much considered a full stack developer today.  A full stack developer simply means someone who can program at any and all layers in computer software development from front end User Interface work to back end server code and including database design and coding.

Over 3 decades I’ve worn pretty much every hat from Software Engineer 1 to Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer.  Now I free lance and prefer small projects that don’t require a large team of people multiple years to code where one gets to only work on a small piece of the puzzle.

Everything else being equal, these are the my prefered tools:  HTML 5, CSS 2, ES6, TypeScript, Webpack, Bootstrap, PHP, React/Redux/Flux, WordPress and Node.js to build websites and applications for the smallest websites to custom and open source web applications .

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